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Full body massage for men

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A full body massage is the complete session for men or women with the specific techniques for 1 hour or more. Generally it covers all the body parts such as back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, chest and buttock. It is the complete relaxation to the muscles and ligaments of the body.

There are various kinds of massage techniques used for the full body massage. Generally, the benefits of massage is to get recovery from certain types of injuries, pains or distress. Always tell your therapist to work extra on those areas where you need more attention such as back pains, tight muscles in shoulders and so on.

Full body massage can be done in the form of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Chiropractor Massage and other forms of massage. The sensual touch of women for men while doing massage is the best way to fulfill his secret desires. Thus, Secrets Massage offers best full body massage for men in Etobicoke. Here, the therapists perform the massage in various steps.

Make the room ready with full hygiene and comforts. All the distractions such as phone rings, traffic voice and other noises are barred in the room. Play the sexy or romantic music in the background with dim lighting effects or candle light only.
The therapist put rose water in the eyes and clean the foot with water. Give them 5 mins foot massage with focussing on the pressure points. It eases the customer from all the mental tensions in the body.
The massage starts with the tip of fingers and give little pressure on the body for 10 mins.
Then pour small amount of essential oil like lavender, chamomile, olive on the body and starts with long and deep strokes from one body part to another.
After completing with one side, other side is done with same pressure.
Once, the full body massage is done, then they start focussing on intimating areas such as chest, genitals, pelvic, waist with slow strokes.
With putting more oil on the genitals, the therapists gives deep relaxing massage till the customer attains maximum satisfaction.
Then, the customer takes shower and ready to go back for meeting day to day routine activities.

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