Secrets Massage

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Sensual Massage

Touch the Essence of Sensation

Our sensual massage focuses on the act of touch creating a full body experience and reducing all tension. Sensual touch can bring you to a euphoric state of mind. Allowing your attendant to get so close that you can feel each other’s body heat, slow caresses, and soft feathery kisses from head to toe focusing on all your erogenous areas. The state of euphoria allows your body and mind to relax and become fully present.

Come enjoy our sensual massage with your significant other and one of our gorgeous attendants. The couples massage allows you and your partner to escape and enjoy what we call a threesome of touch. Your attendant will offer you and your partner complete pleasure and comfort through various forms of touch; the most pure act of giving.

Couples Massage

Together in Bliss: Connect and Revive

Duo Massage

Twice the Pleasure, Double the Escape

Take everything you love about the sensual massage and DOUBLE it! With our duo massage you receive double the teasing! Allow two attendants to express their affection to you with four hands tracing their fingertips over your body and two mouths softly nibbling on you. Sensual touch is a conversation between bodies; it’s slow and luxurious. In this duo session you’ll experience absolute euphoria.